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Limburg 2018


All for Charity


Once again, as in the last few years my Limburg adventure started on the Friday evening with my evening dinner and get-together. Was it really only about 6 years ago when six or seven of us were sitting around a table discussing and sampling a few drams on the eve of Limburg weekend? If I remember correctly we had Serge, Patrick de Schulthess, Oliver Klimek, myself and a couple of others whose names I forget, forgive me. In those days it was mainly a get-together for any of The Malt Maniacs who were in town for the weekend but since then it's grown to what I consider a major event for all whisky-lovers. In 2017 we had around 30 attendees and this year, in 2018 the numbers swelled to a very impressive 40+. Speaking to the bar owner afterwards he reckoned we were a total of 47.


The event is an informal one where attendees are invited to bring along a bottle of something unusual, perhaps old and forgotten or just something others may not have tried. For example my offering this year was the rather unusual Batch number 3 "Shetland Reel" from the Saxa Vord distillery on Unst in The Shetland Islands. Saxa Vord is the brainchild of Stuart Nickerson and his wife Wilma. Yes, that Stuart Nickerson formerly of Glenglassaugh.

He doesn't distill his own whisky yet, just gin, but he does buy single malts from other distilleries and blend them into his own batches on Unst. You can look forward to a new distillery page and tasting notes for this soon on Whisky Emporium.


You can read about my visit to Saxa Vord here


After a very late and liquid Friday evening we awoke to more sweltering (31C) heat on Saturday and the usual very long queue to get into Limburg's Stadthalle and The Whisky Fair which for me started with a 'breakfast', or rather tea & coffee meeting with Klaus (of Malt Klaus fame), Oliver our sausage meister and my dear friend Charlie (of MacLean fame). It's so good to catch up with Charlie at least once a year but sadly we missed Alex Bruce and Robin (Blackadder) who weren't there this year. Robin, we even missed one or two of your crazy jokes.

So it continued ..... Limburg 2018, sweltering heat for the whole weekend dictated the need for loads of sun cream and after sun cream, fighting the crowds on Saturday but enjoying lesser crowds later on Saturday and all day Sunday. As I did last year my focus for 2018 was on older blends and I managed to pick up some lovely samples of old White Horse, Whyte & Mackay, Vat69, Gloag's, Dewar's, Crown of Scotland and even an old JW Red from the WWII years, plus many more.



But what's all this about charity?

Once again this year I spent some time escaping from the crowds of The Whisky Fair sitting up on the balcony overlooking the main hall. A comparitively peaceful respite giving me chance to relax, recharge and reflect upon a few things like "just what am I going to do with almost 1200 whisky samples in my MMA Archive?"

Let me explain; for 6 years I organised The Malt Maniacs Awards (MMA) annual whisky competition and in doing so I used some of the left-overs to create an archive of all entries during those years, amounting to a total of almost 1200 samples which sit in my study and include some unbelievably good drams; we're talking Karuizawa, old Glendronachs, Kavalan, Glenfarclas, Brora, very old Glen Grants, various G&M "Book of Kells" editions ... etc. I already have enough samples of whisky to keep me going for many years, so what can I do with these to allow others to benefit from them? I would like them to be enjoyed so I came up with the idea of selling them onwards, but at the same time I didn't want to personally gain financially from them, I felt it wouldn't be right even though all left-overs were always mine to do with as I wished


Finally I hatched a plan to sell them and donate the money to a suitable charity so my next step was to moot this idea with my facebook friends and interest was immediately such that I had offers for each of the six years from six fb friends. Their generosity was overwhelming and we soon agreed a donation of 300 per year's worth of samples, raising a total amount of 1800 for a charity, but which one? Well that was pretty obvious to me from the onset as my dear wife suffered from the dreadful brittle bone disease, known by the Germans as Glasknochen (Glass Bones) or generally by its medical name "Osteogenesis Imperfecta". During her life she suffered more than 150 broken bones and as one example she was at work, walking around barefoot on a hot summer day when she just stubbed a toe on a chair. Aye, broken but she just sat at a desk, sellotaped the broken toe to one next to it and then carried on as though nothing had happened. There were more serious breakages like the time she had to be helicoptered from Islay to a Glasgow hospital on the second day of our holiday. She just tripped and fell, shattering a hip which needed one of the UK's top specialists to surgically rebuild and after a month she was allowed to fly home on a stretcher with a Doctor accompanying her. She was collected by ambulance in Munich and rushed to hospital here for another few weeks. That's what life's like with this genetic disease but she always did her best to cope with a bad situation.

My wish for the money was to help support others with the disease, but also help fund research into it so after looking around and trying to make contact with a few organisations I finally chose The Brittle Bone Society in the UK and Republic Of Ireland. She loved Ireland and as I'm English it was an obvious choice.


My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Bart, Boris, John, Klaus, Manfred & Sebastian for your generosity and support!



  Update; I've now received a lovely thank you letter from The Brittle Bone Society which I'd like to share with everyone:  



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