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Autumnal Musings

As Summer holidays become mere memories, the evenings draw in and days are already noticeably shorter, our thoughts begin to turn back to our favourite warming and comforting drams, what's yours?




Wednesday November 9th 2011

Coming along nicely, thank you very gladly

You'll be pleased to hear that my Maniacal sampling is coming along nicely and even I am looking forward to the official MMA 2011 announcements on December 1st.




Wednesday November 2nd 2011

A little change around this month as Glasgow Mark hangs up his sword and shield to concentrate on selling whisky, so Jason steps in for a quick discussion on Christmas recommendations





Wednesday October 26th 2011

It seems to have gone all quiet around here


You may be forgiven for thinking I've gone into some kind of eccentric Bavarian hibernation as it's gone all quiet around here, but in a way that's what's happened, at least for a few weeks.

No, I haven't lost my appetite for this marvellous hobby, it's just that I've been seconded into some Maniacal duties as I hosted the German Distribution Centre and also took on the role of PostMaster General for the annual Malt Maniacs Awards.

I assure you 'normal' service will be resumed in December, probably with a series of reports leading up to Christmas, but for the meantime why not read more about what exactly has kept me busy over the last weeks;

MMA 2011 - Taxing Times




Monday October 10th 2011

This month the Whisky Knights go all 'Cask Strength' as they visit Joel & Neil for a discussion on those good old whisky myths.




Monday September 19th 2011

This month the Whisky Knights convene at Ruben's WhiskyNotes for a discussion on closed distilleries and whether we'd like to see any reopened.

Which would you suggest?





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