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Sunday January 22nd 2012

Canadian Whisky Awards

or "they make (good) whisky in Canada too"


I don't usually 'do' news things, but my good friend and fellow certified Maniac Davin Kergommeaux (did I spell that correctly old chap?) is not only specialising in Canadian whisky, but doing so rather marvellously as his "Canadian Whisky Awards" have just been announced for 2011.

Go on, give the picture below a click to see what happened.






Sunday January 1st 2012

A big "Thank you" from me

or "onwards & upwards"


Welcome to the time of year when I spend a little time looking backwards at the previous year and making some decisions for the coming 12 months.

No, for once I'm not going to start giving out awards, I'm talking more about my website itself.

Yes, I've just completed my latest websats which include a summary of 2011 and I was quietly stunned and even delighted with the results.

2011 Has seen a quite impressive growth in visitors, increasing about 38% from 93,000 visitors in 2010 to almost 130,000 in 2011. What has been quite surprising to me is that the most visited pages in 2011 were some very specific features; OK, so my home page ranks No.1, but thereafter come my general tasting notes (intro) page, my own personal views and ideas on collecting whisky as a possible investment and then the ever-popular Whisky & Chocolate page. Obviously my Dram-atics articles have been immensely popular, possibly to the detriment of individual distillery tasting notes where only my Ardbeg page featured in the top 10 visited pages of 2011.

I am also delighted with your response to my inclusion of various pages and features in German, these seem to have been very well received, or at least extremely well visited.

So, with a big "thank you" and a "Happy New Year" to all my readers, I guess my decisions for 2012 are quite easy; keep up the tasting notes, but also publish lots more interesting articles and interviews based around my Dram-atics platform.

My full WebStats can be found here >>>>

Slàinte Mhath, Keith





Sunday January 1st 2012

A happy, healthy & prosperous New Year to all my readers, from me and also on behalf of The Malt Maniacs.




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