Zuidam Distillery takes its name from its owner and founder Fred van Zuidam. He began operation in 1975 within a small area of 300 sq metres and one copper still. Today the distillery has expanded to 3600 sq. metres and has four stills. WHisky is just one of a very many products they offer including liqueurs, Geneva and rum.

The Zuidam range of whiskies includes Millstone Dutch single malt, French Oak, American Oak and a Dutch Rye whisky.




Milroy's Zuidam, Jan 2007 - 14th Sept 2011, 46% ABV

100% Pure Pot Still Rye Whisky

Cask No.448, virgin American Oak, one of 298 bottles

Typical cost of this bottle;


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Golden amber

Nose: Is this really a whisky? Yes it is indeed but a very different one as the first notes to hit the nose are those of quite herbal aniseed. This is amazingly different with lots of floral and herbal nuances, yes almost aniseed, maybe candy floss? Then something almost fruity.

Palate: No aniseed here on the palate but everything else herbal and floral transport nicely from the nose in a slightly dry way. That suggested fruitiness now develops into something akin to dates or maybe figs.

Finish: Very long with hints of dates and figs.

Overall Impression: Very different and certainly a good whisky which could be best suited as an alternative Christmas dram or certainly a winter warmer.










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