Wolfburn distillery was first founded in 1821 on the outskirts of Thurso by William Smith. The distillery was named after the nearby water source for the distillery.

In 1826 annual production was 28,056 gallons of pure spirit which equates to around 125,000 litres and as such it was the largest distillery in Caithness at that time.

Wolfburn remained in the Smith family for the rest of its existence, but the exact date of its closure isn't known, other than it was sometime around or just after the 1850's.


In May 2011 one of the new Wolfburn team located the site of the original distillery and found the Wolfburn water source to still be flowing, but the original distillery was a barely discernable pile of stones. A suitable piece of flat land was selected some 350m from the original site and plans (and dreams) began to take shape.

May 2012 saw the pruchase of the land being finalised and then in August groundwork began on the site.

The first equipment to arrive and also the largest were two fermenters which were originally used in the now closed Caperdonich distillery. These were situated before the last wall of the building was erected. Building and installation continued as planned until 25th January 2013 when the first spirit began to flow from the stills.






Shane Fraser production manager (right) & Matt Beeson assistant production manager.


Jan. 2013 - The First Cask


Photos with kind permission of Wolfburn Distillery Press Release.


Wolfburn Distillery Website








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