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Glen Mhor distillery Was founded in Inverness in 1892 by MacKinlay & Birnie, but production didn't start until the end of 1894.

This partnership was legalised in 1906 with the formation of a Limited Comapny.

DCL took over the distillery in 1972 and closed it forever in 1983, demolishing it in 1988.

As you see from the photo (left) the site is now home to an electrical products company.


Distillery photo with kind permission by Teimei Horiuchi


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  Glen Mhor  

General whisky characteristics: Light and fragrant, flavoursome and complex


Glen Mhor, distilled 1969, casks 1407-1409, bottle 907 of 2265, 45% ABV

Typical cost of this bottle; originally now


First a little story;

I used to live in a small town in Hampshire, England and my local wine shop was not renowned for their whisky selection, but after many requests from me they started to stock a better selection. One day the manager told me that they would be getting some Glen Mhor after their accountants had been told some casks belonging to them had been found amongst the Glen Mhor stocks. Some weeks later he informed me that some bottles had arrived if I wanted any. I bought four of each of the two bottlings; 1969 and 25y. My understanding is that this 1969 is actually around 26 years old and I remember thoroughly enjoying two bottles of each back in the mid 1990's. Unfortunately that was quite some years ago and before I started writing notes. I now revisit what I remember to be a very good dram.

Glass: Spiegelau

Colour: Dark gold / amber

Nose: The nose takes some time to develop on this one. Starting quite light and fragrant before eventually opening to include fresh herbs, butterscotch, hints of light leather and very fragrant wood.

Palate: Initially smooth but opening into a crescendo of light fireworks across the tongue in a gentle kind of way. Offering a cocktail of bramble, dark berries, light toffee and very soft marzipan.

Finish: Medium to long, very gentle and aromatic.

Overall Impression: A delightful dram which is somehow smooth, light, fragrant, and rich all at the same time. I love this whisky!

Whisky & Chocolate (by Domori)

"Il Blend" 70% cacao. Light honey, caramel and a hint of tobacco; the combination of honey with the floral characteristics of the Glen Mhor enhance the palate and take it to another dimension, followed by the very slight tobacco flavour in the chocolate combining wonderfully with the aged oak of the whisky to prolong the finish making it even more intense. Excellent!

"Teyuna" 70% cacao. Bitter sweet, cashew nuts and a touch of honey; Amazingly, the slightly bitter flavours from the aged wood are totally lost on the palate which is now dominated by a honey-induced creaminess with a luxurious mouth-feel. The light cashew nuts finally merge with the aged wood to enhance the finish. Very good!

"Sur del Lago" 70% cacao. Dark, rich, bitter sweet, seaside promenade;  That dark, bitter sea-front combines particularly well with the aged wood to give a very rounded and 'complete' palate, allowing the more aromatic and floral elements of the whisky to dominate the finish. Excellent!



Berry Brothers, Glen Mhor, distilled 1982, bottled Nov. 2009, 46% ABV

Cask No. 1231

Typical cost of this bottle


Glass: Munich Whisky Festival 2010

Colour: Yellow gold

Nose: Complex, light. floral toffee

Palate: Hints of faint bread dough whilst being penetrating and slightly spicy in character.

Finish: Very long, aromatic and floral, slightly dry at the end.

Overall Impression: An extremely good whisky which again shows exactly why I love the offerings from this long-gone distillery. Many thanks to Edward of BBR for bringing this gem to the Munich Whisky Festival 2010.



Coopers Choice, Glen Mhor, 27y, 1982 - 2009, 46% ABV

Cask Ref. 1350

Typical cost of this bottle

Dram-atics live review


Glass: Munich Whisky Festival 2011

Colour: Light yellow gold (9ct)

Nose: I'm greeted here by a nose of dried wood, hay, straw and grasses, all of which have been left out in the mid-day sunshine. After some minutes some stronger herbal notes develop, expanding further into sweet candy floss.

Palate: Creamy mouth-feel with hay, aromatic and floral grasses and even a little black pepper. The grasses fade and the floral elements grow as it heads into the finish.

Finish: Very long, floral butterscotch..

Overall Impression: A decent and quite drinkable Glen Mhor.


    An older bottling of Glen Mhor  

Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Yellow gold

Nose: Mildly musty and woody alongside some faint coppery metallic-ness.

Palate: Musty with a suggestion of fruitiness, but not so prominent. A semi-dry and watery mouth-feel are almost hidden by a surprising black peppery tingle.

Finish: Extremely long and mildly peppery.

Overall Impression: It may be a little watery but still most enjoyable and characterful.











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