Dumbarton single grain whisky distillery was founded by Hiram Walker and opened in 1938 on the site of the former McMillan shipyard on Castle St. Dumbarton. At one point it held the honour of being the largest distillery in Scotland and was the major contributor of grain whisky to Ballantine's blends.

Sadly, by 2002 it was in a state of disrepair and had seen no reconstruction, refurbishment or modernisation since it had been built, in fact the column stills reached up through concrete floors, making refurbishment virtually impossible so Allied chose to close the distillery and move production to their Strathclyde facility.




D.Laing, Clan Denny, Dumbarton, 46y, 1964, 47.4% ABV

Refill Hogshead, Cask No.7542

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Reviewed (blind) as part of MMA 2011


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Brassy gold

Nose: Oak, butterscotch and rich toffee, almost treacle toffee. The butterscotch develops and expands further with time in the glass. This has lots of character and a wonderful imposing presence on the nose.

Palate: Smooth, very smooth mouth-feel with lots of that butterscotch and mild wood. I'm now reminded of a childhood delight from the fairgrounds called brandy snap. It's a kind of toffee, but crunchy and usually made into basket shapes, hence the name brandy snap baskets. Mmm, wonderful!

Finish: Extremely long and gentle.

Overall Impression: A delightful single grain from a not only closed but sadly lost forever distillery.










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