Cambus grain distillery was founded in 1806 by John Mowbray as he converted a derelict mill next to the river Devron by the Forth estuary inTullibody, Clackmanshire.

He registered the business in 1813 and gained land title in 1823 which was the year he began whisky production.

The distillery was closed in 1993 by the last owners UDV (Diageo).




Cambus single grain whisky


Bladnoch Forum, Cambus, 24y, distilled 20.3.1986, bottled 30.3.2010. 54.7% ABV

Hogshead No. 18988,

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Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Light honey

Nose: A fair bit of alcohol tingling at the nostrils, but with a wonderful bouquet of honey, light butterscotch and maybe just the faintest hint of lemon grove, as opposed to actual fresh lemon.

Smooth and creamy mouth-feel, but with some alcohol tingle from that high abv. The initial and predominant flavours were light toffee and butterscotch, but a hint of lemon followed as did a touch of bitter nuts.

With 3 drops of water: The nose is fresher, tending more towards lemon. The palate is intense butterscotch with the lemon leading into the finish.

With 3 more drops of water: The nose is slightly more mellow, but the palate is much more so with faint butterscotch and hints of warm bread dough.

Finishe: Quite long,toffee and butterscotch but more lemon coming through with water.

Overall impression:
I do generally like good aromatic grain whiskies and this is no exception. Adding water tends to bring out the lemon influences but overall this is rather pleasant, very smooth and an exceptionally good buy as I saw it with a recommended price of 50 GBP and a special offer of 35 GBP.




Signatory, Cambus, 24.7.1991-24.10.2011, 20y, 54.3% ABV

Cask 55885, Refill butt, bottle 108 of 558

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"Dram-atics" live review


Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Extremely pale, not far removed from water-like

Lightly leathery woodiness with some rose petal floral hints developing over a few minutes. Although the floral notes are there, their intensity never quite takes over and they certainly don't dominate, but that's not too bad.

Palate: A creamy leatheriness dominates. It's very pleasant and most enjoyable, but quite single-faceted.

With 4 drops of water: The floral notes are increased or intensified, making the whisky far more aromatic on the nose, whilst a suggestion of toffee develops on the palate.

Finish: Long with a very lightly toasted leatheriness.

Overall Impression:
This whisky is most enjoyable but quite subdued and gentle. A good summer evening aperitif methinks



Old Particular, Cambus, 24y, 51.5% ABV

Distilled Sept. 1991, Bottled April 2016

Cask DL 11172, Refill Hogshead, one of 249 bottles

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Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Very pale yellow, almond.

Nose: Initial hints of green apple and faint furniture polish. After some minutes it develops a suggestion of cheesecake (with cream).

Palate: The palate has much more to offer as it comes alive, positively tingly or peppery, also suggesting orchard fruits like green apple and pear but including something tropical, mango or papaya? It's also quite dry on the palate.

Finish: Long and (white) peppery.

Overall Impression: Not your typical grain in my opinion, but most enjoyable.



Old Particular, Cambus, 27y, 51.5% ABV

Distilled Sept. 1988, Bottled Sept. 2015

Cask DL 10940, Refill Hogshead, one of 270 bottles

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Glass: Classic Malt

Colour: Very pale, almost almond.

Nose: Rich and fruity nutty cake with almond, hazelnut, raisins and currants. Perhaps even the unbaked cake mix.

Palate: Pretty much everything from the nose repeated on the palate. Light fruit and nut cake.

Finish: Medium to long.

Overall Impression: Nutty fruit cake? Lovely.





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